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BRAND NEW MODEL – CruiseCraft Outsider 595


CruiseCraft has added another hard top to its range – this time to the Outsider 595. It joins other hard top models – the Explorer 685, Explorer 625 and Explorer 595.

With far greater protection from the elements coming from the hard top and full height glass windscreen with sliding glass slide panels, the Outsider 595 will very appropriately make a wintry public debut at the Melbourne International Boat Show scheduled for mid-June at the Convention and Exhibition Centre at Southbank.

The Outsider 595 hard top also can be teamed with an optional sliding cabin door like those on the Explorers. The newest model, like all others now coming out of the CruiseCraft factory, features the 3C – complete composite construction technique which removes all timber from the boat.

The Outsider 595 hard top will be marketed alongside the Outsider 595 targa top meaning that purchasers will have the choice of two versions.

In keeping with CruiseCraft’s outstanding standards of finish, the Outsider’s hardtop is constructed from a double-sided moulding That means the underside of the hard top is mirror smooth, just like the topsides. The design also enables electronics like radios and lighting assemblies to be fitted perfectly into the recess between the outer and inner layers of the hardtop. As part of the design program, the dashboard also has been redesigned to facilitate the installation of larger electronic displays. The Outsider 595 can now accommodate a 15” plotter, sounder or combo. The hard top also can be matched with an extension sliding on stainless steel rails to give even more protection from the elements.