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The emergence of roto-moulded polyethylene boats is one of the fastest growing trends in the marine industry today. Canoes, sailing boats and now powered recreational boats are taking advantage of this unique material which provides benefits well in excess of the traditionally used materials.

Polycraft boats are strong, low maintenance boats perfect for the hard core fisherman and the recreational boatie. They are strong, stable, offer a soft ride all coupled with awesome on-water performance.

The material used in Polycraft boats is true Aussie product and one of the most environmentally friendly materials around. It is sourced from Australian natural gas, processed in Australia and the manufacturing process has minimal environmental impact. There is no waste as all off cuts are recycled and re-used.

Polyethylene has natural buoyancy and will float unaided when placed in water and the unique dual wall construction traps air in the cavity to contribute to buoyancy. For even more positive buoyancy your Polycraft can be foam filled to survey standards.

From the very popular 3m Tuff Tender to the 5.99 Frontier models, Polycraft offer 6 different size hulls in a wide variety of configurations. Centre, or side console, cuddy cab, bow rider, or open boat…..the choice is yours. 

Check out the indestructible, soft riding Polycraft boats at Sportsmarine.