Yamaha 15hp 2-stroke short shaft – get one while stock lasts!

Yes, we still have limited stock of the Yamaha 15hp 2-stroke short shaft outboards.

The very best you can buy at only 36kg.. Japanese quality.. The quietest 15hp made… The engine that runs on 100:1 fuel/oil ratio… This means virtually no smell or smoke.. All backed with 3 years warranty and come complete with 25 litre tank & hose

We have limited stocks available and will run out with no more to be available into the future
If your after the best made small outboard that’s light weight, get in quick
As we say we have limited stocks and we will run out due to the new laws coming in banning the sales of new 2 stroke engines (these laws will not affect used motors, only the sales of new 2 strokes)
Once gone that’s it !!!

****   Sorry our very limited number of long shaft 15hp engines are only available on our dinghy packages, we have none available for sale as an engine only


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